Nicks Profile


Nick  is a  singer, songwriter & Recording musician.  Over the last 29 years his musical exploits have taken him throughout England,  and all the way ‘down under’ to Adelaide in Australia where his music is played on ABC 891 Adelaide Radio. As Well as guitar and vocals ,Nick loves playing saxophone and flute and congas, and enjoys being asked up on stage to improvise ( Just get up and do it!!!)with his friends & fellow Musicians

He has now started playing the piano adding another flavor to his performance

Over the last few Years he has been running an Acoustic Night LUCIEN’S Coffee Lounge & Wine Bar Hornsea. Once a Year organizing an event  to raise as much money for the Teenage Cancer Trust unit in Cottingham, With fantastic support from friends and Musicians and music lovers

Nick runs a recording studio (Seaside Studio), where, in his role as producer & sound engineer, He has been recording voice-overs for the BBC One Show as well as local Musicians and Songwriters


After listening to Nick’s Album and during an interview on the Adelaide radio station, presenter Peter Goers  thought that Nick’s music would fit in well in the Australian folk circuit, and described the ‘cover’ songs as “beautiful versions... but also your original songs stand up very well”.  He went on to describe Nick’s album as “genial.....and a very listenable album”.

Nick’s is often joined on stage by  his wife Helen to add harmonies for an extra dimension now calling ourselves Stubbsie  .,

Also his friends and fellow musicians Martin Wharton (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin & Whistle ) & Lisa Davies (Vocals) creating four part Harmonies. Over the last three years (as well as guitar) I have concentrated my time on the Saxophone and Flute and have been very fortunate to have had lessons with ‘’Snake Davis’’ who is one of the UK’s best Saxophonist and flute players. I Love nothing more than to improvise with other musicians.  I get chance to do this regularly and can be seen at the Acoustic Nights in Hornsea. See: Youtube Videos